To progress in Aikido, and thereby be healthier and more successful in daily life, you need to come to terms with how include your body in everything you do.

Mind and body are not separate.

"You don't have to do anything to bring them together".

"Training is about getting out of your own way, and stop causing separation"

"The mind is a fundamental part of the body and they both continuously share emotional information with each other"*


We practice/train to think without pre-conceptions, to perceive without judgement.


Each class typically progresses in this way:

Relaxation with Ki Breathing

... Gentle Stretching

... Exercises with tests to Coordinate Mind and Body

... Moving your partner when kneeling or standing

... Studying Aikido techniques from a standing start

... Studying techniques with your partner approaching

...Practicing with a series of partners

... Ki Breathing

... Ki Meditation

*Mindfulness a practical guide to finding peace and

relaxation in a frantic world*

Imagine the breath carrying Ki across the top on your head.....

The defender always maintains control of the attack before throwing their partner 

Focus your attention on your One Point, then your body close to it

Students start to practice with a Tanto for their brown belt grading

There are many different ways that coordination is tested