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Rules of Mind

Aikido and Rules of the Mind

Two of the four rules of coordinating mind and body are the 'Rules of Mind'.

'Think of (keep) your one point'

.... thereby extend ki.

Isn't one directing attention inward, the other directing attention outward?

How can this be done simultaneously?

You can't have expansion without a source, and you cannot have contraction without a point the contraction is happening towards.

It is a matter of perspective.

I can think of my one point easily without extending ki, but this just thinking of it in an abstract way,

like checking that it feels the same as I remember it did before.

If I subject myself to that point, and everything else around me ,,,

If I make myself the subject of my centre ...

I am where my one point is.

If I move, everything around me moves away or towards me, like in an immersive computer game.

As I realising this, I notice my body adjust 'bolt upright' … with weight underside and completely relaxed.
Incidentally, this also gives me the feeling that I can confidently make my presence felt physically,

dare I say even 'project my presence'.


So obeying rules of mind leads to conforming to the Rules of Body.

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