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Throne and Liberty:To achieve the highest DPS output

Hello and welcome to this comprehensive guide on Throne and Liberty, focusing particularly on the end game. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know to maximize your DPS (damage per second). We will start by prioritizing the STS (skills, talents, and synergies) to optimize our gameplay. Let's dive into the details.

Throne and Liberty is a versatile class that excels in dealing damage, thanks to its powerful skills and passives. We possess skills that can inflict multiple debuffs on enemies while also providing HP regeneration. However, our weakness lies in dealing with tanks, as their strong defense and reflective damage can pose a threat. Additionally, we lack area-of-effect (AOE) skills in our kit, which limits our ability to handle multiple enemies simultaneously.

To enhance our DPS, we benefit from various conditions. Firstly, if we can launch our skills consecutively, we gain a significant damage boost. Secondly, when targeting enemies, we receive a bonus to our hit chance. Lastly, if we engage enemies from a distance, we can deal more damage and have a higher chance of critical hits.

In terms of attributes, it is essential to allocate points to perception. Increasing perception enhances our hit chance, reducing the likelihood of missing attacks and increasing the chances of landing critical hits. Additionally, perception provides a slight increase in overall damage.