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A World of Ki

Ki is the essence of everything.

You know ki by what you are experiencing here and now.

The Universe is an ever changing interaction of natural phenomena and living entities.

Man's Ki is too often discordant with Nature.

Consciously experiencing ki enhances your sense of well being and fosters deeper relationships with people and Nature.

Even what may be done positively, with good intentions, may be based upon ill-informed appreciation and respect for the complexities of inter-dependencies in ecological systems.

Practicing Ki Aikido helps one notice the effects of our actions.

When practicing the principles with a partner the effects are noticed immediately.

In our daily lives however, we usually need time to relect on the effect our action have on others and Nature. The experience gained from practicing Aikido affords us more calmness to notice and contemplate these effects.

A calmer mind will also helps us relinquish the superficial materialistic ways that previously motivated us.

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