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Rules of Body

Aikido and rules of the body

Two of the four rules of coordinating mind and body are the 'Rules of Body'.

'Have a Light Posture

.... thereby Completely Relax.

Isn't one directing attention upward,

       the other directing attention downward?

How can this be done simultaneously?

You can't relax completely without accepting gravity, and you cannot have a light posture without allowing 'weight underside', or accepting gravity.

It is a matter of perspective.

So now the tension subsides.

I notice that I was giving up trying to appear as someone I am not.

I wanted to appear more alert and 'ready' by unconsciously lifting the shoulders slightly.

My face muscles stopped trying to show a false smile, and my jaw is relaxing too.

My breathing deepens, deepens to my core.

Now I am keenly aware of my One Point, and I feel more open minded.

I even feel like I have a neutral position and perspective on my situation.


So obeying rules of body leads to conforming

to the Rules of Mind.

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