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Student Testimonials

I have been practicing aikido at this club for almost five years.

I started as a way to blow off steam from a stressful job. Having practised an aggressive martial art before, I expected more of the same, but found a graceful calm that spoke to me. I found the visualisation techniques useful in managing my responses in challenging meetings, and I found increased mobility and strength in a  damaged shoulder joint. 

During COVID, being unable to practice at the club really made it clear to me the benefits it gives me in clarity of thought and meditated response.

- Patrick B, Fairwater

I thoroughly enjoy Sensei Steve’s classes. It helped me to build up fitness I lost after having had a flu virus and it helped me build up confidence too. It is a very friendly class and unlike judo or karate, you are taught to treat everyone with respect and kindness. Ki aikido is a martial art for the 21st century. I would recommend this class to everyone.

- Helen M, Ely


In my adult life I have twice been in a coma, and come out the other end a survivor – this is not common. When I came out of my second coma a doctor doing medical research into why some coma patients survive a coma and others do not, asked my permission if she could use my case in her research. I gave her my consent and we talked in depth. She told me that I was a fighter in the face of death, that I battled on tenaciously to live on both occasions.
I explained despite not being in a conscious state, my positive was there to live. This positive mind I developed from learning in the Ki Federation. Thus I have incorporated into my life a 'plus ki' attitude which is essential to living life.
Two cases where my Ki training has brought me out of a dark place
I was diagnosed by a consultant psychiatrist as depressed and was treated unsuccessfully by the medics. This was an awful period of suffering for me. I felt I was in a state of mental limbo. The doctors did all they could to no avail.
In this state of clinical depression I decided to make an all out attempt to practice all I had learned in the Ki Federation to caste off this psychological disorder once and for all.I immersed myself in daily Ki training. Eventually a positive plus life' attitude took over and the depression finally lifted leaving me an improved and much happier person.
The psychiatrist was amazed at my change from being clinically depressed to being well once more, and able to get on with my life in a normal way again.
Bernard O'Sullivan, Tremorfa. 1950 – 2020. My most regular student for seven years.

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