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Aikido practised regularly encourages a healthy mental and spiritual disposition as well as a good physical well being.

Aikido certainly fosters a high moral standard among its true teaching.

The real Aikido spirit seeks to help others as well as oneself.

Aikido is not merely a series of martial arts techniques designed to overcome or subdue an opponent but are
exercises, which embrace many universal laws of motion and natural movement, which are
understood as the student progresses.

The true Aikido avoids arrogance and fake pride, never taking advantage of those weaker or less skilful.
Modesty and humility are not to be ignored.
Respect is important between all students.

Through the study of Aikido one will discover the true values and learn to enjoy a harmonious
relationship with one’s fellow man.


Aikido is not merely an art of techniques

but into its exercises and movements are woven elements of philosophy,


Psychology and dynamics.

As one learns the various arts one will at the same time train the mind,

improve the health and develop an unbreakable self-confidence.

If there is respect familiarity will not breed contempt.


Politeness, rules of behaviour and common decency are very much part of Ki Aikido.

All students are expected to acquaint themselves with Aikido etiquette.

After starting practising one should try not to give up but continue with a strong mind,

being determined to overcome difficulties.

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