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Ki Breathing


"Imagine the rising and falling of a swelling sea"

Enjoy the air within


Pause for a while to enjoy some freedom

from feeling compelled to breath.

For maximum relaxation,

check that your posture places your upper body

weight over your One Point.

Breathing in

... through the nose

    (keep jaw relaxed; use the back of the tongue)

... calmly.

Think of the sound of Ohh...

Imagine the breath carrying Ki across the top on your head,

    down your back, as swelling around your One Point,

    then filling your whole body with Ki.

Do not hold your breath with tension.

​​Breathing out

... open mouthed making a soft haaaa... sound

... calmly with a sense of letting go

    of the tension that has held the air in your body.

Imagine the breath originating from the One Point,

going up your back,

exhausting stale air

from your whole body.

Direct your breath to the infinite universe.

With your last breath,

lean slightly forward as the breath decays

... infinitely smaller

... half by half.

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