You can start any week* - there is no course start/end date, or come and just watch anytime.

Lessons for juniors aged 10 to 13

one hour from 6:45 pm

£5 per class.

A parent or guardian must also be present.

Youth and Adult classes

from 8 to 9:30pm

£7.50 per class.

*For insurance reasons, you need to apply

for membership before stepping onto the mat.

(re-fundable the next day if you decide its not what you are looking for)


Yearly Membership Fees

ADULT (17 & OVER) £38

(If a member is still studying at 17 years old they can
claim the unemployed until they cease studying and gain
employment or reach the age of 21)

(two cohabiting people - up to teachers discretion)
DISABLED £18 (Doctors letter rquired)
SENIOR CITIZEN £18 (Age 65 and over)
HONORARY (70 years and over) Free

You do not need to buy your own insurance.

There are additional fees to attend courses and to be graded.


Politeness, rules of behaviour and common decency are very much part of Ki Aikido. All students are expected to acquaint themselves with Aikido etiquette. After starting practising one should try not to give up but continue with a strong mind, being determined to overcome difficulties. You will by and by understand the principle and spirit of Aikido feeling a great benefit.

1. Respect your teacher
2. Be courteous to your partner
3. Be quiet inside the Dojo
4. Cleanliness is important
5. Keep your Kidogi clean
6. Keep your fingernails and toenails short
7. Be kind to lower grades, never rough
8. Do not practise outside the Dojo
9. Try to avoid fighting
10. Be moderate in daily eating and drinking