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Many people attentively watching a a computer screen.

We aim to practice techniques without dissention so that they flow in spiral and circular movements.

This requires both partners to sustain a coordinated mind and body and therefore a kind of attention that simultaneously keeps in mind all the phases of the exercise, the overall technique whilst being sensitive to small mindful adjustments that keep the partner unbalanced with a feeling that they will be safely taken to lying the mat.

When done well, the experience seems magical, effortless and undefinable.

The sustained concentration needed is good training for longer attention spans needed for work or study.

One exercise done regularly is to concentrate attention in one direction by reaching forwards with the arms.

The coordination is checked before turning to apply the same intense outward feeling to a different direction.

Eight directions are tried in all. The exercise simulates having to perform a number of daily tasks with each getting the full attention it deserves.

Practising fully focused control of the body in this way strengthens the will through intent. In daily life students will make their intentions clear and have the will to follow through a task.

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